Yehudit Barsky has devoted her career to the study of Islamist terrorist organizations and movements. Specifically interested in the motivations and ideologies driving the global adherents of these organizations, Yehudit has frequently focused on the combination of anti-Semitism and Islamism that seems to defy Western logic. Fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, Ms. Barsky holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Near Eastern Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Jewish History and Civilization, both from New York University. With particular interest in the security of the Jewish community, Yehudit has conducted research and led the Division of Middle East and International Terrorism at the American Jewish Committee for fourteen years. Ms. Barsky regularly briefs media, law enforcement agencies and Jewish communities on the implications of terrorism on U.S. policy, serves as senior advisor and Middle East specialist for intelligence and analysis for the Secure Community Network, and is currently authoring a book on the history and ideology of Hamas.