Yehudit Barsky is a Middle East counterterrorism specialist who analyzes radical Islamist terrorist organizations and movements. Fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, she has concentrated on the
convergence of Islamism with antisemitism. She regularly briefs law enforcement agencies, media, and Jewish communities on the implications of terrorism on U.S. policy. Ms. Barsky was the director of the Division on Middle East and International Terrorism at the American Jewish Committee for over a decade.

With a focus on international security, Ms. Barsky conducts research on terrorist organizations, their methodologies, and the motivations of their followers. She analyzes the confluence of antisemitism and Islamism at ISGAP, where she serves as a Senior Research Fellow.

Ms. Barsky is a member of the security advisory council of the Community Security Service which has trained over 10,000 community security volunteers nationwide. Ms. Barsky holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Near Eastern Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Jewish History and Civilization, both from New York University.

She is a founder of the Secure Community Network and served as its senior advisor and Middle East specialist for intelligence and analysis. Ms. Barsky is the author of Hamas: The Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine, Hizballah: The Party of God, Al-Qaida, Iran, and Hizballah, The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Terrorist Incidents and Attacks Against Jews and Israelis in the US: 1969-2016 and Islamist Antisemitism in the United States.