Vuyolwethu Xulu is a Social Science Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives, and municipalities to create social development strategies. After spending nearly, 4 years working with SOEs and non-profit organizations, Vuyo knows what drives conversions, spurs on socio-economic change, and creates sustainable models for start-ups. Vuyolwethu is a member of the ruling ANC political party and is actively working within the organization to change its stance of how it chooses to tackle the economy, developmental issues, and also its stance on Israel and Palestine.

Vuyolwethu holds a BA Hons in Political Sciences from the University of The Witwatersrand. He is currently completing a master’s degree in Development Studies, with a focus on millennial capitalism and web-based financial markets. Vuyo also holds a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Vuyolwethu is also an accredited assessor with the Sector Education and Training Authority. Vuyolwethu attended the ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute in 2019.

Vuyolwethu currently assisting with the training of Paralegals in rural Mpumalanga and Kwa Zulu-Natal and has partnered with the private sector to develop rural infrastructure. Vuyolwethu has a passion for uniting communities and making them work towards a common future.

Vuyolwethu is currently working with business in Paulpietersburg, Kwazulu-Natal in order to create a young business network, which is meant to make young people employers and not so reliant on others to employ them or them being employable.