David Patterson holds the Hillel A. Feinberg Distinguished Chair in Holocaust Studies at the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas. He is a commissioner on the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, a Senior Research Fellow and member of the Executive Board of Academic Advisors for the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitsm and Policy (ISGAP), and a member of the Executive Board of the Annual Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches. He has lectured at universities on six continents and throughout the United States. A winner of the National Jewish Book Award, the Koret Jewish Book Award, and the Holocaust Scholars’ Conference Eternal Flame Award, he has published more than 35 books and more than 240 articles, essays, and book chapters on topics in literature, philosophy, the Holocaust, and Jewish studies. He is the author of Anti-Semitism and Its Metaphysical Origins (Cambridge, 2015) and A Genealogy of Evil: Anti-Semitism from Nazism to Islamic Jihad (Cambridge, 2010), as well as Shoah and Torah (SUNY, forthcoming), Elie Wiesel’s Hasidic Legacy (SUNY, forthcoming), The Holocaust and the Non-Representable (SUNY, 2018), Genocide in Jewish Thought (Cambridge, 2012), and numerous other works.