Dr. Dina Lisnyansky, Researcher and Lecturer, Department of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University, Israel. She is also a lecturer at The European Forum, an educational center for diplomats from all over the world. Her fields of research include Islam in Europe, Islam in the West, Islamic Da’wa, Islamic movements and Global Jihad.

Dr. Lisnyansky holds a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, she has a vast experience of consulting and analysis for various NGOs and companies in the private sector as well as for the public sector and National Institutions. Dina is currently working on her book, based on her PhD thesis combined with field research: “Crescents and Croissants: Preaching Islam in Europe”.

Her current research will be focusing on the changes in Antisemitic sentiment among the Muslim communities in the EU and the UK due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Another focus will be set on the changes in Antisemitism within the Muslim communities in Central Asia and the Russian Federation due to the rise of radical Islamic ideologies in Eurasia. She will be conducting interviews, working with communities and presenting her findings at ISGAP.