Annual ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute for Curriculum Development in Critical Antisemitism Studies

Pembroke College, Oxford, United Kingdom

The ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute, Pembroke College, Oxford, scheduled for Sunday, August 7, through Friday, August 19, 2022, is now seeking Scholars-in-Residence for an intensive two-week workshop-based curriculum development program in interdisciplinary critical contemporary antisemitism studies. The program is dedicated to the development of antisemitism studies as a recognized academic discipline.
The program is intended primarily for professors with full-time college or university positions, though exceptional faculty, doctoral and post-doctoral students will be considered. Under the guidance of leading international academics, Scholars-in-Residence will be required to develop a course syllabus and curriculum in the interdisciplinary study of critical contemporary antisemitism. The course syllabus and curriculum is to be taught at the Scholar-in-Residence’s home university for course credit, on at least two occasions, upon completion of the program.
ISGAP also has limited space for graduate and undergraduate university students with strong academic credentials, proven leadership skills, and commitment. Successful applicants will qualify as Elie Wiesel – Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars, who will work on student-led projects to help combat antisemitism and racism on campus.

ISGAP is now accepting applications for the 2022 Summer Institute which will take place from Sunday, August 7, through Friday, August 19, 2022. All participants must make an application.
All scholars that are accepted to the program are expected to be present for the entire duration of the Summer Institute and attend all seminars and meetings. The tuition fee for the two-week in-person programme is $850 USD. Applicants may also apply for scholarships.
A limited number of openings exist for exceptional graduate and undergraduate students to participate in a special Elie Wiesel – Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars program that will run in part, concurrently with the Summer Institute. 
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The ISGAP Summer Institute is led by the foremost international scholars and policymakers.
This esteemed group includes:

Natan Sharansky
Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt
Dr. Ahmed Shaheed
The Hon. Prof. Irwin Cotler
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Professor Yossi Shain
Professor Dr. Bassam Tibi
Professor Benny Morris
Professor David Patterson
Professor Uzi Rabi
Professor Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias

Universities are the main battlefield for the new wave of antisemitism. It is very important that the professors, those teaching the students, understand the dangers, and know how to fight it...that makes all the difference.

— Natan Sharansky, Chair of ISGAP
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