ISGAP is pleased to announce a groundbreaking international conference on critical contemporary antisemitism studies to take place at Cambridge University. In the contemporary context of globalised relations, it appears that the oldest and most complex forms of hatred, antisemitism, has taken on new and changing forms that need to be decoded, mapped and critiqued. Given the recent rise of manifestations of antisemitism globally, this interdisciplinary conference is timely and imperative. The continual minimal response by academia and the human rights community to the onslaught of antisemitism points to a growing crisis of modernity, which impacts democratic principles, notions of citizenship, and human rights. Antisemitism is also an indicator of the growth of other forms of prejudice, racism(s), sexism, gendered relations, xenophobia and discrimination.

Following the largest-ever academic conference on the study of antisemitism (at Yale University in August 2010), this conference aims to explore this phenomenon from an interdisciplinary approach and advance knowledge and understanding of the origins and manifestations of antisemitism.

The conference is open to scholars, intellectuals, and policy experts, engaged in the study of contemporary antisemitism globally, and related topics, regardless of school of thought, scientific approach, academic discipline or ideological view.