Fellows and Scholars

ISGAP Research Fellows have engaged in the study of antisemitism in dozens of academic institutions across the globe. The Fellows conduct research, run events and generate publications to better analyze and understand contemporary antisemitism. These initiatives equip the academy and policymakers with intellectual tools to fortify societies against antisemitism and all forms of racism. This program serves as an international hub where scholars collaborate to share ideas and discover new insights into the struggle against all types of hatred.

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Board of Advisors

The ISGAP Advisory Board brings together business people, entrepreneurs, public servants, academic leaders, and cultural figures to advise ISGAP as we chart a course for combatting antisemitism. The Advisory Board provides input on ISGAP's research priorities and advises on policy relevance, while also serving as ambassadors for the organization.

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Board of Directors

The Directors carry a broad range of backgrounds in relation to the field of antisemitism. The members engage with ISGAP to shape the organization's broader engagement with policymakers, academic leaders and the wider community.

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Staff and International Academic Board of Advisors

ISGAP's staff is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, with bases of operation in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Israel. The International Academic Board of Advisors are composed of a variety of scholars that are committed to the interdisciplinary study and exploration of antisemitism.

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