Natan Sharansky and Dr. Charles Asher Small, the Chair and Executive Director respectively, represent ISGAP in public forums across the globe and create the unifying vision guiding Institute.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of senior faculty members, who represent a wide range of disciplines in the study of antisemitism. The Executive Committee oversees the strategic direction and academic plan of the Institute.

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ISGAP Leadership Council

The ISGAP Leadership Council comprises a prominent group of experts in the community. It is made up of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds in the field of antisemitism. The members engage with ISGAP and its Advisory Board members to shape the organization's broader engagement with policymakers, academic leaders and the wider community.

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ISGAP's staff is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, with bases of operation in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Israel.

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ISGAP Advisory Board

The ISGAP Advisory Board brings together business people, entrepreneurs, public servants, academic leaders, and cultural figures to advise ISGAP as we chart a course for combatting antisemitism. The Advisory Board provides input on ISGAP's research priorities and advises on policy relevance, while also serving as ambassadors for the organization.

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ISGAP Fellows and Faculty

Our fellows participate in research projects on various aspects of historical and contemporary antisemitism.

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International Academic Board of Advisers

The ISGAP International Academic Board of Advisors is comprised of the leading scholars in the interdisciplinary study of global antisemitism. The Board helps to advise on and develop academic initiatives, research projects, publications, and curricula.

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