Dr. Avner Saar completed his PhD at Haifa University, currently researching the differences between western and Middle East Islamic negotiation methods. Since 2018 Mr. Saar is the Vice president of IIMSR (International Institute for Migration and Security Research).

He is a crisis situations and negotiations expert. His fields of instructions vary from active listening, influencing and convincing, to professional conflict resolutions. Within more than thirty years of active service in finest special operations, field intelligence and reconnaissance in special security and military units, Mr. Saar has served as an undercover intelligence officer, instructions officer of the crisis negotiation unit and a lead crisis negotiator in evolving and ongoing terror, hostages and other crises. Along with the abovementioned, Mr. Saar acted as a senior instructor at the IDF Anti-terror unit.

Since 2011 he is traveling around the world sharing his views, knowledge, and experience regarding the new face of terror, mega-terror events analysis, Islamic negotiation code, and crisis negotiation skills. Mr. Saar is well experienced in group guidance, leading and conducting drills and simulations within his topics of expertise.

Mr. Saar is a B.A. graduate from Haifa University in the history of the Middle East and Political Science. He obtains his masters’ degree from Haifa University in history of the Middle East.