Aaron David Fruh is an ISGAP Research Fellow and the President of Israel Team Advocates International, a non-profit organization that advocates for Jewish existence. Israel Team engages with professors and students on Christian college campuses, pushing back against the growing narrative of anti-Zionism, anti-Judaism, and Antisemitism within the Christian academy. Aaron received an MA from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He is the author of four books and the editor of The Casualty of Contempt: The Alarming Rise of Antisemitism and What Can Be Done to Stop It. Aaron writes for The Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, The Algemeiner, and Israel365 News.
Aaron’s area of research is the history of Christian Antisemitism, with a particular emphasis on Replacement Theology and Supersessionism. His presentations at the annual ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute include “From Roots to Branches: Christian Antisemitism” (2022) and “An Examination of the Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism Woven Into the Fabric of Contemporary Christian Nationalism in the US” (2023). Aaron was also co-instructor for ISGAP’s Digital Research Center in the spring of 2023: “The History of Christian Antisemitism: Toward a Redemptive Reconciliation.”