Harry Saul Markham is an undergraduate student at University College London (UCL), reading History and Jewish Studies. He is also on the Advisory Board of Academics for Academic Freedom. He has written for various publications, grappling with a range of subjects, including free-speech, Islamism, and antisemitism. He frequently gives talks to a variety of audiences, where he delights in disrupting the orthodoxies of our age. Harry has also been active in campaigning for the Social Democratic Party, and for human-rights around the world. Currently, as well as making the most of his year-abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he spends most of his time working on a book project, which explores multiculturalism, Islamism, antisemitism, and the rise of populism in Western-Europe.

He is the former National Director of Herut UK, former President of the UCL Friends of Israel Society, and a former Critical Thinking Fellow at the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation. As a result of his experience as a Wiesel – Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar, Harry wants to add his voice to the all-important debate over the future of tolerance, democracy and liberalism in Western-Europe.

For Harry, the fight against antisemitism is about the future of not only Jews, but for the very future of our shared-humanity.