Marlene Grossman is a psychology professor at Vanier College in Montreal, Canada. Apart from teaching courses in psychology, she created two new interdisciplinary courses at the college. Moral Responsibility is a course where students examine cross-disciplinary topics such as ethics, responsibility, morality, tolerance, and respect for one another using past and current historical events as the context for discussion (in particular, the specific focus is on antisemitism). This course has an international trip included where we visit Europe to see actual remnants of the Holocaust as an illustration of when moral responsibility fails. The second, is a research course on the topic of antisemitism.

Marlene for the last 10 years, coordinates the Vanier College Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide. Vanier College is the only college in Canada to offer such a weeklong event. Each year, Marlene plans a comprehensive calendar of activities involving guest-speakers, lectures, films, survivor testimony, and student participation. The Symposium offers a unique opportunity to sensitize Vanier’s students and staff as well as members of the community-at-large to the horrors of the past while also focusing on current discrimination, prejudice, and genocide.