Fighting Antisemitism on the
Battlefield of Ideas ISGAP is a global interdisciplinary research center that is
dedicated to the academic study of antisemitism.
ISGAP Occasional Paper Series

The Occasional Paper Series is intended to complement and highlight discussion and debate on a wide variety of issues as it pertains to the analysis of antisemitism, and to further the study of this subject matter.

  1. Markos Zografos, ISGAP Occasional Paper Series, Number 4, June 2021.
    Genocidal Antisemitism: A Core Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood
  2. Avner Saar, ISGAP Occasional Paper Series, Number 3, May 2021.
    The Negotiations between Rahab the Harlot, and the Israelite Spies
  3. Ellen Cannon, ISGAP Occasional Paper Series, Number 2, May 2021.
    The “Merah Affair”: The “Sea Change” in Islamism’s Terror Footprint to Holy Jihad in France
  4. Sylvia Barack Fishman, ISGAP Occasional Paper Series, Number 1, May 2021.
    Erasure and Demonization: Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Contemporary Social Movements




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