Nadia Iermakov, PhD, is a Lecturer in the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and serves as the Director of Strategic Project Development in the Office of the Rector at Ariel University, Israel. She earned her PhD in Humanities from Dnipro National University, Ukraine, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Ariel University. Her research primarily explores Jewish Identity, History, and Antisemitism, alongside the Identity of Modern Academia. She is an active member of the research group “Until Here: The Story of Soviet Jewry” at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and is actively involved in the establishment of an Academic Research Center for Identity Studies at Ariel University.

Dr. Iermakov has presented her research at prestigious institutions around the world, including Sorbonne University, the University of Washington, Brandies University, and the Institute of Balkan Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Iermakov is the recipient of numerous awards, research funds and international fellowships for outstanding young academicians, including Olami – San Paulo, Brazil, World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center – Vilnius, Lithuania, ISGAP- Oxford Summer Institute – Oxford, England, Nahum Goldman Memorial Foundation Fellowship – Strasbourg, France, JDC Entwine – Rwanda, Africa, Brandies University – Boston, USA, JDC Entwine – Argentina, Uruguay, Sinai Foundation –Israel.