Dr. Christine Maxwell is a professional lifelong learner with career experiences in grade school teaching, schoolbook editing, educational curriculum development, and training. She has experience as the Director of research and marketing for an international educational and scientific publishing company, and as an Internet entrepreneur for over 30 years in the arenas of Internet search and big data analytics. A graduate of Pitzer College (BA) and the University of Texas at Dallas (MAIS), she earned her PhD in Humanities (The Book as Provocative Artifact: A New Relevancy for Holocaust Literature in the 21st Century) from the University of Texas at Dallas, encompassing multi-disciplinary interests in Holocaust Literature, Education, and the study of Technology & Knowledge. Christine continues to build on her doctoral research. She is focused on ensuring knowledge transfer of timeless lessons to today’s and tomorrow’s generations. She works to promote innovative academic research that leverages enabling technologies to empower proactive understanding and combatting the great dangers of contemporary antisemitism, and enhancing the ongoing relevance of the Holocaust for the 21st century and beyond.

As co-founder and CEO of Techtonic Insight, Inc, she currently works with clients across different fields and domains to help them harness the ultimate power of today’s search technologies, to help them ask better questions, and to imagine and innovate in ways that will make a real difference in the world for the greater good. Dedicated to helping the public at large (evidenced by her teaching, work on the Boards of the Internet Society, and the Santa Fe Institute, her Internet entrepreneurship as the inventor and co-creator of the Magellan Search Engine that was featured on the home page of Netscape in the early 1990s, and scientific and educational publishing endeavors).

Maxwell has a long track record in publishing innovative reference works for the general public. She published one of the very first ‘Internet Yellow Pages’ help people find content on the Internet: New Riders Official Internet Yellow Pages (1993-4), and The McKinley Internet Yellow Pages (1994-6). She is the author of multiple English-language spelling dictionaries that help those who cannot spell, find the words they are looking for: School Spelling Dictionary, Barrington Stoke Publishers, 2012, 2007; Spell it Right, Berlitz Guides, 2006; Dictionary of Perfect Spelling, Barrington Stoke Publishers, 2005; The Pergamon Dictionary of Perfect Spelling, A. Wheaton & Company, 1977-1988; The Pergamon Dictionary of Perfect Spelling, Pergamon Press, 1973-1977.