As a recurrent lecturer at ISGAP, Dr. Brown will focus on topics raised by the students and guests in more recently. As seen in this years’ and last years’ Summer-Oxford Institutes, there were questions about defining the differences between antisemitic anti-Zionism on one hand, and legitimate criticism of some of Israel’s policies, on the other. There were also questions about alternative emerging Jewish organizations that are very critical of Israel, and how they fit into thes spectrum. Dr. Brown will be crafting, with the hope of publication in an ISGAP series, a description and analysis of these questions, in addition to other materials in his paper: “Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Contemporary Social Organizations.”

In Spring 2021, Ansel researched and wrote about antisemitic stereotypes in British and American literature, film, and popular culture. Two questions he addressed will be how to differentiate between legitimate social criticism and antisemitic rhetoric, and how to understand Jewish writers, filmmakers, and performers who seemingly present “antisemitic” materials.