Dr. Pamela J. Walker is a professor of history at Carleton University, Ottawa Canada. She received her PhD from Rutgers University. Pamela is also a historian of modern British history,
and women’s and gender history. She is very active in the Reacting to the Past Consortium which promotes the use of games to teach history. In 2019, Pamela was awarded the Brilliancy Prize for
innovative teaching. Pamela is the author of Pulling the Devil’s Kingdom Down: The Salvation Army in Victorian Britain (University of California Press). She is currently working on a project about British missionaries that includes the missions to the Jewish people of Britain. This required her to think about the distinctive ways antisemitism was expressed in Protestant missions. These questions brought her to a wider study of antisemitism. At the same time, Pamela was increasingly faced with antisemitic ideas among her students that confounded her a professor of history. Though we are all witnesses to the rise of antisemitism now, neither her university’s curriculum nor its policies and practices are yet adept at addressing the complexity of this problem.