Sunni Ali is an Associate Professor at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) where he also was an adjunct faculty member for eight years at Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS).

Previous to acquiring this position, he was a high school social science and special education teacher for 20 years. He earned his Doctorate in Educational Administration from Roosevelt University, holds a type 75 Principal’s Certificate, Type 9 Social Science Certificate, and LBS1 Special Education Certificate Endorsement.

Since his tenure at NEIU, he has produced seven published articles and two texts related to his experiences in education and the African American experience:


  • Here’s to This Flag of Mine
  • My Schoolhouse is a Ghost Town


  • Popular Cultural Milieu Illustrated Through a Hip-Hop Culturally Values-Driven Pedagogy;
  • How Cinema Excerpts Enhance A Culturally Relevant Responsive-Value Driven Pedagogy;
  • Qualitative Interview: How NEIU COE’s Program Prepares Black Males Having a Former Individualized Learning Plan to Become Educators;
  • Integrating Hip-Hop and Cultural Relevant Lessons into the Public School Curriculum;
  • How Race and Racism Empower a School’s Curriculum;
  • Merging and Creating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Public Schools;
  • The Power of Hidden Language

Although Sunni Ali teaches at NEIU, he continues to mentor and work with high school diverse learners. His passion, dedication, and commitment to youth and adult learners remain constant in education.