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Fighting the Soviet Forces from Within: Democracy is not always a Choice, but Freedom is


Apr. 12, “Fighting the Soviet Forces from Within: Democracy is not always a Choice, but Freedom is” Natan Sharansky, Chair, ISGAP Cosponsor: Palm Beach Synagogue Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Time: 1:00 PM EST Click here to register.

Israel, American Weakness and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine


22 Mar., “Israel, American Weakness and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine” Natan Sharansky, Chair, ISGAP; Chair, International Supervisory Board, Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, Kyiv, Ukraine Convener: Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP; Director, ISGAP-Woolf Institute Fellowship Training Programme on Critical Antisemitism Studies, Cambridge, United Kingdom Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 Time: 2:30 PM […]

Butchering History but Not the Jews, the Case of Post-Revolutionary Ukraine


“Glory to the nation! Death to the enemies!” This chant was heard across Kiev’s central Maidan Square in late 2013 as thousands of Ukrainians massed in protest against the corruption and brutality Viktor Yanukovych, their pro-Russian President. It was a chilling slogan, bearing harsh connotations for those who understood its identification with the Ukrainian nationalist […]

Jews in Post-Communist Russia: A State with Philosemitic Pretensions, a Society with Antisemitic Sentiments


What is the government policy today vis-a-vis the still quite substantial Jewish communities in two major post soviet republics, the Russian Federation and Ukraine? Did state antisemitism, once abolished, cause antisemitism to disappear or is there something in the Russian public and political culture which threatens to make antisemitism surface once again? In Poland or […]

West is West, East is East: The Specific East European Incarnation of Antisemitism


Note: This op-ed is a partial summary of Dr. Katz’s talk at ISGAP in New York City on 5 April 2016. A PDF of his power point presentation on the evening (©Dovid Katz) is available online. Antisemitism in Western Europe is nowadays overwhelmingly a product of the (far) left. Its practitioners are socially, educationally and demographically […]

András Gero – “Antisemitic Discourse in Hungary Following the Collapse of Communism”


Lecture: Antisemitic Discourse in Hungary Following the Collapse of Communism Speaker: Professor András Gero, Central European University, Dept. of History Date: March 6, 2008 YIISA/ISGAP Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective Seminar Series

Jonathan Brent – “The Uses of Antisemitism in Russia’s New/Old Cold War”


Lecture: The Uses of Antisemitism in Russia’s New/Old Cold War Speaker: Jonathan Brent, Associate Director/Editorial Director, Yale University Press Date: October 19, 2006