On the morning of October 7th, Israeli citizens faced a tragic and monstrous attack, the dimensions of which had not been seen nor imagined in its 75 years of existence. The massacre of Israeli civilians in the Gaza-border communities by Hamas and civilian accomplices—defined as the deadliest atrocity against Jews since the Holocaust—and the subsequent Israel–Hamas war resulted in an unprecedented increase in Jew hatred worldwide. Specifically, on campuses of elite universities across the United States and Europe, antisemitic and anti-Israel demonstrations have been widespread, creating an environment of fear among Jewish students.
In this program, INSS researcher Adi Kantor sits down with Dr. Charles Asher Small, founding director of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP). Together they discuss the relationship between academia and antisemitism. Who is behind the mass antisemitic demonstrations on campuses? Who supports and funds them? What is the connection to Qatari money? And finally, what can be done to combat this rising hatred toward Jews?
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