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Noah Shufutinsky Interview – Oxford 2019


Noah Shufutinsky, The George Washington University 2019 ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute Elie Wiesel – Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar St. John’s College Oxford University July 7-19, 2019

The Illusion and Elusiveness of Whiteness: Between Politics and Polemics


The tenor of “identity politics and polemics” has lost listeners even as the tone of debates has intensified: there is a dialectic of tuning in and out of conversations about whether Jews who look white are, in fact, White? The argument, which gained media traction over the last twenty years – a relatively short period […]

Dr. Charles Asher Small, “From Religion to Race and from Jihad to the Post-Modern Moment: Understanding the Quintessential ‘Other'”


Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP Senior Research Fellow, Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University “From Religion to Race and from Jihad to the Post-Modern Moment: Understanding the Quintessential ‘Other’” Mr. Carlton Long, CEO, Lawrence-Long & Co. Educational Consulting Introduction – “Courage and the Curriculum: Building Powerful Interdisciplinary Syllabi for […]

Chaolin: A Senseless Death


French version follows the English. The life of Chaolin Zhang, an unassuming 49 year-old dressmaker and father of two, was stomped out on a sidewalk in Aubervilliers on the 12th of August, for no reason. One assault among so many, nothing out of the ordinary for the thugs that have been targeting Chinese people in the […]