We are pleased to soon present the course curriculum in the field of interdisciplinary contemporary antisemitism studies created by the 2021 scholars-in-residence of the ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute on Curriculum Development in Critical Antisemitism Studies, at Pembroke College, Oxford, and the ISGAP Digital Research Center.

Under the guidance of leading international academics, the listed scholars-in-residence have developed course syllabi and curriculum in the interdisciplinary study of contemporary antisemitism, which will be taught in their home university for course credit. This is a resource for scholars seeking to create courses in antisemitism studies.

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Professor Deidre Butler and Professor Pamela Walker
Rank: Professor
Department: Religious Studies; History
Name of University: Carleton University
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Course Title: Antisemitism, Then and Now
Participants: Undergraduate Students
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Sara Galico
Rank: High School Teacher
Name of Institution: Colegio Olamí ORT
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Course Title: Antisemitism in Mexico
Participants: High School Students
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Dr. Avital Hecht
Rank: Head
Department: Shoa Memorial Center
Name of University: Gordon Academic College of Education
Location: Haifa, Israel
Course Title: ISGAP and Abraham Accords: Building an Education Platform of Mutual Respect and Tolerance 
Participants: Seminar Course
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Dr. Tyran Laws
Rank: Pastor, Instructor
Department: N/A
Name of Institution: Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 
Location: Tinley Park, U.S.
Course Title: Anti-Black Racism and Antisemitism Theory: Ideology, Intersectionality and Resistance
Participants: Community Cadre Class
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