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Realism and Morality: What Is Really Stopping a Forever Ceasefire?


A point of principle and a forever war A number of commentators on the conflict in what was for centuries called the region of Palestine cast it in terms of a forever war. After all, it has been going on for more than a hundred years, which certainly seems like forever. It started when the […]

False Witness: What the Israel-Hamas War Teaches Us About Defining Antisemitism


While Hamas terrorists were still massacring “peacenik” kibbutz-members, young people dancing in the desert, and farmers in Israel’s arid South on October 7, 2023, American newspapers and media worried loudly about the evils of Israel’s retaliation. Hamas videos of terrorists in action revealed: “terrorists torturing a pregnant woman and removing her fetus,” and “bodies of […]

Antisemitism in FSU in 2023 Vis-à-vis the World Trends


The current war in the Middle East has already had, and will obviously still have, a variety of consequences. For example, it seems that media coverage of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) counter-terrorism operation Swords of Iron in the Gaza Strip has much to offer in terms of putting an end to one of the […]

Echoes of History: The Imperative of Holocaust Education in the Wake of Tragedy


In the aftermath of the devastating October 7, 2023 attacks amidst the latest turmoil, agitation surges anew with the decision of the Ministry of Education of Israel to make Holocaust education non-mandatory in the high school curriculum. In contrast to the decision of the British Colombia Government in November 2023 which made Holocaust education mandatory […]

What Hamas Leaders Actually Want – In Their Own Words


The time since October 7, 2023, has been a devastating, life-changing time for me and for most Jews around the world: at minimum, we are processing the events of October 7, the deadliest day of murdering Jews since the Holocaust, when six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis. On October 7, approximately 3,000 […]

Underreported Antisemitism as a Methodological and Policy Challenge


             The IDF’s Iron Swords Military Operation (Iron Swords Military Operation), a response to the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli towns and communities, has triggered a significant wave of global antisemitism, including in Western countries. According to monitoring data from Israel’s Ministry of the Diaspora Affairs […]

Friends and Enemies in the Time of War” with Natan Sharansky, Chair of ISGAP


ISGAP Chair, Natan Sharansky discussed the developments in Israel. Mr. Sharansky is the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He famously developed a vital definition for the new antisemitism – the 3d test, to help us distinguish legitimate criticism of Israel from antisemitism. The first “D” is the […]

“Update: Hamas Launched a War on Israel” with David Harris


Oct 15, 2023 “Update: Hamas Launched a War on Israel” with David Harris, Vice Chair of Global Affairs, ISGAP, New York, U.S.

Unmasking the Threat: A Special Emergency Briefing by Charles Small


Unmasking the Threat: A Special Emergency Briefing by Charles Small – War and the Axis of Antisemitism: Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and the Qatari Paymasters Featuring B.G. (Res.) Sima Vaknin-Gill, Vice President of Strategy and Development, ISGAP, Israel

Is it right to blame Israel for the plight of Arabs in Gaza? International Law: Self-Defence, Retaliation and the Israel-Hamas War


The notions of ‘self-defence’ and ‘retaliation’ within the realm of international law present intricate ideas, but their principles are well-established. International law unequivocally acknowledges the right to ‘self-defence’ as an inherent entitlement of sovereign states. According to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, member states have the authority to employ force in ‘self-defence’ when […]