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India and Israel: The Need for a Nuanced Understanding


In the post-WWII bipolar world order, two countries emerged facing similar problems – India (1947) and Israel (1948). Both had to fight wars immediately. While for India it was about the accession of a territory (Kashmir), for Israel it was about survival, following an attack by seven Arab nations (Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, […]

International Human Rights Law Needs a Review


In 1998, a diverse group of South African professionals/public servants (myself included) spent a year studying International Human Rights Law at the Raoul Wallenberg institute at the University of Lund, in Sweden.  This was a partnership between the Centre for Human Rights and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. The last part of the course was hosted […]

Realism and Morality: What Is Really Stopping a Forever Ceasefire?


A point of principle and a forever war A number of commentators on the conflict in what was for centuries called the region of Palestine cast it in terms of a forever war. After all, it has been going on for more than a hundred years, which certainly seems like forever. It started when the […]

False Witness: What the Israel-Hamas War Teaches Us About Defining Antisemitism


While Hamas terrorists were still massacring “peacenik” kibbutz-members, young people dancing in the desert, and farmers in Israel’s arid South on October 7, 2023, American newspapers and media worried loudly about the evils of Israel’s retaliation. Hamas videos of terrorists in action revealed: “terrorists torturing a pregnant woman and removing her fetus,” and “bodies of […]

Insight on Israel’s War with Hamas with Dr. Charles Asher Small and David Patterson for POP Talk


In this POP Talk, we will interview two scholars, Dr. David Patterson, the Hillel A. Feinberg Distinguished Chair in Holocaust Studies at UT Dallas, and Dr. Charles Asher Small, Director of the Institute of the Study of Global Antisemitism and Police, who both have expertise in the area of antisemitism and the Holocaust. Hear their […]

Terrorism Denial on Campus


The issue of terrorism and its impact on students on university and college campuses is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. While campuses are meant to be hubs of intellectual discourse and diversity, they can also become breeding grounds for radicalization or platforms for the expression of extremist ideologies. This is particularly evident in American campuses […]

What Hamas Leaders Actually Want – In Their Own Words


The time since October 7, 2023, has been a devastating, life-changing time for me and for most Jews around the world: at minimum, we are processing the events of October 7, the deadliest day of murdering Jews since the Holocaust, when six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis. On October 7, approximately 3,000 […]

Underreported Antisemitism as a Methodological and Policy Challenge


             The IDF’s Iron Swords Military Operation (Iron Swords Military Operation), a response to the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli towns and communities, has triggered a significant wave of global antisemitism, including in Western countries. According to monitoring data from Israel’s Ministry of the Diaspora Affairs […]

The Qatari Regime, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – The Globalisation of Antisemitism and Anti Democracy


The Qatari Regime, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood” report is part of a series of papers that is part of the ISGAP research project entitled “Follow the Money”.  This 11-year project exposes a cause of antisemitism, rather than a symptom, which the Jewish community and Higher Education have been grappling with for years. To truly […]

Dr. Charles Asher Small for the Wall Street Journal


Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal Website here. By Bojan Pancevski, Matthew Dalton, David Luhnow and Karolina Jeznach – Oct. 30, 2023 12:06 pm ET   BERLIN—A Star of David crudely daubed on the doors of Jewish homes in Berlin. An Orthodox Jewish man punched in the face on a London bus. […]