Founded in 2004, the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) is the first interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the study of antisemitism to be established in North America. Its mission is to explore antisemitism from a wide range of approaches and perspectives within an academic framework, including the study of such topics as the changing historical phases of antisemitism, how antisemitism relates to other forms of hatred, to what extent it is unique, how some societies are able to resist antisemitism, and how policies can be developed and implemented to combat it.

Launched in 2015, the ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute is dedicated to the development of antisemitism studies as a recognized academic discipline. Every year it brings together academics from around the world for an intensive one-week workshop-based curriculum development program in critical contemporary antisemitism studies. The papers in this collection were written by some of the program’s most creative participants.

Editor: Charles Asher Small

Charles Asher Small

The Teaching of Holocaust History and the Reappearance of the “Other” in Slovakia and Hungary
Slávka Otčenášová and Eszter Bartha

My Uninvited Guests: Teaching Historical Antisemitism at a Catholic University
Patricia E. Behre

Hate Speech, Holocaust Denial, and Facebook
Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Hate Marches? Antisemitism in Online Comments on Independence Day Marches in Poland (2017-2018)
Małgorzata Domagalska and Klaudia Kardas

In Countering Antisemitism: Notes on Mentoring
R. Amy Elman

Hate Crimes, Hate Speech: Sensitivity Training for Police Officers in Hungary
Andrea Kozáry

Modern Anti-Modernism: Antisemitic Hatred of the West in the Ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Ulrike Marz

Antisemitism: The Big Picture in Small Pieces
David A. Meier

National Socialist Origins of Jihadist Antisemitism
David Patterson

Musical Interventions in Antisemitism Studies: On the Example of Compositions Commemorating the Holocaust
Anna G. Piotrowska