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Networks of Hate: Qatari Paymasters, Soft Power and the Manipulation of Democracy

ISGAP REPORT LAYS OUT HOW QATAR IS FUNNELLING MONEY INTO THE USA, EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD THROUGH STATE PROXIES. On December the 5th, 2023 – U.S. House of Representatives committee members asked Presidents of three prestigious universities in the United States about the funding that they received from Qatar. The impression given […]

The Ongoing Failure to Report: Yale, Qatar, and Undisclosed Foreign Funding

As part of the Follow the Money Project, the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) released a report: The Ongoing Failure to Report: Yale, Qatar, and Undisclosed Foreign Funding   This revelation comes in the wake of ISGAP’s initial research in 2019, which brought to light the failure of several universities to […]

Hijacking Higher Education, Qatar, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Texas A&M: Buying Nuclear Research and Student Information

The report details Qatar’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Taliban and reveals why unrestricted access to Texas A&M University Qatar’s (TAMUQ) sensitive research poses an alarming national security risk to the United States. Texas A&M is a public university leading state-of-the-art nuclear research with potential weapons applications. […]

The Qatari Regime, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – The Globalisation of Antisemitism and Anti Democracy

The Qatari Regime, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood” report is part of a series of papers that is part of the ISGAP research project entitled “Follow the Money”.  This 11-year project exposes a cause of antisemitism, rather than a symptom, which the Jewish community and Higher Education have been grappling with for years. To truly […]

Updated Continuously: Resource Guides, Op-Eds and More by ISGAP Research Fellows and Oxford Alumni

Resource Guides: Resource Guide by Dr. Naya Lekht, ISGAP Research Fellow; Educator, Author, and Speaker, Los Angeles, US. DAY OF RESISTANCE TOOLKIT Articles and Opinion Pieces: “Woke Antisemitism: A Reckoning” by David Bernstein, ISGAP Research Fellow; Founder, Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, Washington DC, US. “Christians Lack Moral Authority to Instruct Israel on Its Response […]

ISGAP Group Support Process for Developing Resilience

In light of recent events and the concerning rise in antisemitism globally, we recognize the importance of creating a space for dialogue, support, and resilience. We have thus partnered with ISGAP Senior Research Fellow, Lazerwolf Amsel, to host a series of three virtual group support sessions, designed to address how we can deal with the critical issue […]

ISGAP NYU-Bronfman Center Symposium: October 7 and the Surge in Antisemitism in U.S. Higher Education

Thursday, 26 October 2023︱2 – 5 PM EDT ISGAP and NYU Bronfman Center host a timely symposium.  The first panel will explore what has happened on American campuses since October 7, including the responses of university administrations and the impact on Jewish and pro-Israel students. It will also discuss the ramifications of the longstanding funding […]

Judith Butler and the Normalization of Hamas and Hezbollah within Progressive Social Movements

  “Similarly, I think: Yes, understanding Hamas, Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the Left, that are part of a global Left, is extremely important.” — Judith Butler at UC Berkeley on the war between Israel and Hezbollah, 2006. In 2006, during a UC Berkeley event, an audience member posed a […]

Statement from ISGAP Executive Director Dr. Charles Asher Small on the Atrocities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT BY ISGAP EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DR. CHARLES ASHER SMALL ON THE ATROCITIES  A pogrom is conventionally defined as a mob attack resulting in a massacre, with the approval of authorities, against the persons and property of a religious, racial, or national group. As the details of the barbaric acts against Israelis become […]

Listen to Dr. Charles Asher Small briefing on Illegal on American Campuses on Money Rehab podcast with Nicole Lapin

Illegal Has Infiltrated American Campuses – Here’s How To Make Sure Your Money Is Clean ISGAP Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Charles Asher Small joins Nicole Lapin on the Money Rehab podcast to illuminate the money trail of funds to American universities from Qatar— a country known for supporting terror groups, including Hamas, the group […]