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The Ongoing Failure to Report: Yale, Qatar, and Undisclosed Foreign Funding

As part of the Follow the Money Project, the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) released a report: The Ongoing Failure to Report: Yale, Qatar, and Undisclosed Foreign Funding   This revelation comes in the wake of ISGAP’s initial research in 2019, which brought to light the failure of several universities to […]

The Qatari Regime, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – The Globalisation of Antisemitism and Anti Democracy

The Qatari Regime, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood” report is part of a series of papers that is part of the ISGAP research project entitled “Follow the Money”.  This 11-year project exposes a cause of antisemitism, rather than a symptom, which the Jewish community and Higher Education have been grappling with for years. To truly […]

Pro-terrorist cash is funding US higher ed, and taxpayers should be upset about it

BY GABRIEL DIAMOND, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 11/28/23 8:00 AM ET Over the last seven weeks, anti-American, anti-Israel and antisemitic activity has consumed higher education. College administrations, flush with foreign cash and taxpayer dollars, continue to give Hamas sympathizers free rein. In response, many families have begun to reconsider where they should send their donations or even whether they should send their children to such schools.    […]

Dr. Charles Asher Small for the Washington Examiner

Why universities must shutter Students for Justice in Palestine By  Charles Asher Small – November 07, 2023 06:00 AM   “It has become a truism that whenever Israel is under attack, Jewish communities in the diaspora are also thrust into the firing line. In the three previous defensive wars that Israel has fought against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza since […]

Dr. Charles Asher Small for the Wall Street Journal

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal Website here. By Bojan Pancevski, Matthew Dalton, David Luhnow and Karolina Jeznach – Oct. 30, 2023 12:06 pm ET   BERLIN—A Star of David crudely daubed on the doors of Jewish homes in Berlin. An Orthodox Jewish man punched in the face on a London bus. […]

What Yale Has in Common With Hamas

Qatar is buying the Ivy League, along with every other institutional bauble in America, from the Brookings Institution, to Foreign Policy magazine, to the NHL and the NBA BY ARMIN ROSEN NOVEMBER 28, 2023 The Qatari government’s American partners have pursued a range of damage control tactics since Oct. 7, when Hamas, a Qatar-sponsored terrorist […]

Natan Sharansky for Tablet Magazine: “Never Again is Now”

Read the full article on the Tablet Magazine Website here. BY NATAN SHARANSKY – OCTOBER 31, 2023 “Even the presidents of leading universities—unlike the president of the United States—have refused to denounce Hamas’s evil, speaking instead about violence on both sides. Those who protest microaggressions are unable or unwilling to differentiate between the most awful […]

Watch Defending Israel: David Harris with Natan Sharansky and Dr. Charles Asher Small

Watch Defending Israel: David Harris with Natan Sharansky and Charles Small on the JBS now. David Harris, ISGAP Chair of Global Affairs, is joined by two warriors for the Jewish people, Dr. Charles Asher Small who is the ISGAP Founder and Executive Director and a leading academic in the field of antisemitism studies, and Natan […]

ISGAP NYU-Bronfman Center Symposium: October 7 and the Surge in Antisemitism in U.S. Higher Education

Thursday, 26 October 2023︱2 – 5 PM EDT ISGAP and NYU Bronfman Center host a timely symposium.  The first panel will explore what has happened on American campuses since October 7, including the responses of university administrations and the impact on Jewish and pro-Israel students. It will also discuss the ramifications of the longstanding funding […]

2023 ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute Highlights

The Annual ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute for Curriculum Development in Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies, Pembroke College, Oxford, took place from Sunday, 6 to 18 August 2023. The Summer Institute is intended primarily for professors with full-time college or university positions, though exceptional faculty, doctoral and post-doctoral students will be considered. Under the guidance of leading international […]