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The ISGAP Papers: Antisemitism In Comparative Perspective – Volume Three

The Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective seminar series of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) continues to generate a steady flow of high-quality presentations and papers on a wide range of topics relating to antisemitism. Between 2015 and 2017, ISGAP hosted seminars at numerous academic institutions, including Harvard University, McGill University, Stanford University, […]

ISGAP’s Struggle Against Antisemitism – Watch the video

  Learn how ISGAP is fighting back against all forms of antisemitism and hatred. CLICK HERE   Join ISGAP

ISGAP Zoom Webinar Hub

ISGAP is finding innovative ways to pursue our research, publishing and programming activities with the help of technologies that will expand our digital footprint, and help ensure that collaborations with other organizations, academics, policy experts and political leaders will be strengthened.    Our educational programs will proceed through a combination of video conferences, expert briefings, […]

ISGAP Digital Seminar Series: Best of the Archives

Given ISGAP’s commitment to digitizing our research and seminars, starting in March 2020, ISGAP will release one of its leading seminar series videos from our vast archive every Friday. In this period of uncertainty, this weekly feature will serve as an important reminder of the origins of the contemporary challenges we all face in battling […]

Putin’s Hybrid War and the Jews – Purchase ISGAP Books Today!

Drawn from journalist and ISGAP Research Fellow Sam Sokol’s reporting during the first years of the Donbas War, Putin’s Hybrid War and the Jews chronicles the collapse of Jewish life in the regions of eastern Ukraine occupied by Russian-backed separatist militias in 2014. Based on extensive research and interviews and told through the eyes of […]

Rewatch Professor Benny Morris on Jihadism in 1948

Click here to watch May 25, “Jihadism in 1948” Professor Benny Morris, Department of History and Middle Eastern Studies, Ben-Gurion University Chair Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP; Research Scholar, St. Antony’s College, Oxford Zoom Webinar Date: Monday, May 25, 2020 Jihadism In 1948

Webinar on the Festering Wound of Racism in the U.S., where do we go from here?

June 4, “The Festering Wound: Racism in the United States, where do we go from here?” Click here to watch. Speakers Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP; Research Scholar, St. Antony’s College, Oxford Dr. Sunni Ali, Northeastern Illinois University Dr. Harold V. Bennett, Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Morehouse College Professor Ansel Brown, […]

Black PR Wire: ISGAP Calls for Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

(BPRW) ISGAP Calls for Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Where do we go from here? Combating Racism and Antisemitism in the 21st Century Zoom Webinar, Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – 11 a.m. ET   Click here to watch the Webinar.   (Black PR Wire) — Oxford, U.K.– In response to increased racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, ISGAP […]

Watch Dr. Charles Asher Small’s Webinar on Emerging Antisemitism in the U.S. in a Time of Discontent

How should the Jewish community react to the civil strife currently surging in the United States, while also trying to resume life during the coronavirus pandemic? In what ways can the Jewish community find common cause with the African American community’s fight for equality in contemporary America? Click here to watch the webinar. Emerging Antisemitism […]