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Read ISGAP’s Chair and Human Rights Activist, Natan Sharansky op-ed in The Washington Post: The Sakharov Centenary arrives with an Urgently Needed Message About Freedom


19 May 2021 – The Washington Post Natan Sharansky, Chair of ISGAP, former political prisoner, and human rights activist, discusses Andrei Sakharov’s seminal essay challenging totalitarianism. Sharansky reflects upon his own life and the challenges to freedom in modern democracies. To read the full story, click here.

WINEP Executive Director Satloff and ISGAP Board Member Op-Ed Published in Washington Post


The message Hagel carries on Iran Let’s stipulate that Chuck Hagel may make an exemplary defense secretary. That possibility doesn’t alter the fact that his nomination by President Obama almost certainly raises doubts among allies and adversaries alike that Obama may not be nearly so committed to using all means necessary to prevent Iran from […]