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School’s out: Why the West must leave Qatar’s ‘Education City’ by Dr. Charles Asher Small


“Since October 7, Qatar has tried to present itself as a pivotal figure in global geopolitics, assuming a leading role in mediating negotiations between Israel and the Hamas to secure the release of hostages taken by the terrorist group in the horrific attacks on southern Israel. While some have applauded Qatar’s proactive involvement on the […]

Networks of Hate: Qatari Paymasters, Soft Power and the Manipulation of Democracy


 How University Presidents are able to say legally that they are not getting funding from the “State of Qatar.” ISGAP REPORT LAYS OUT HOW QATAR IS FUNNELLING MONEY INTO THE USA, EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD THROUGH STATE PROXIES.   As part of the Follow the Money Project, the Institute for the Study of […]

Listen to Dr. Charles Asher Small briefing on Illegal on American Campuses on Money Rehab podcast with Nicole Lapin


Illegal Has Infiltrated American Campuses – Here’s How To Make Sure Your Money Is Clean ISGAP Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Charles Asher Small joins Nicole Lapin on the Money Rehab podcast to illuminate the money trail of funds to American universities from Qatar— a country known for supporting terror groups, including Hamas, the group […]

Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates News Outlet, Features ISGAP’s “Follow The Money” Project


Al-Ain, a major news outlet in the United Arab Emirates, featured ISGAP’s “Follow The Money” research in the following YouTube video. The video highlights how Qatar financed the growth of extremism in U.S.A. universities, including Harvard University, Yale University and Cornell University.

Mosaic Magazine: ISGAP Research Drives Investigation into Yale, Harvard and other U.S. Universities


Mosaic Magazine Feature Article on ISGAP Research   “Qatar’s Unreported Donations to American Universities May Feed Campus Anti-Zionism”   “On February 12, the Department of Education announced that it suspects Harvard and Yale of failing to report millions of dollars received from China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and elsewhere. The department has also accused […]