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Commemorating the 1952 Murder of Jewish Intellectuals in the Soviet Union


Professor Kiril Feferman examines the execution of Jewish intellectuals in the Soviet Union, which took place on August 12-13, 1952, marking one of the final acts of persecution by Joseph Stalin against the Jewish people. On August 12-13, 1952, thirteen members of the Jewish elite in the Soviet Union were executed, following the trial and […]

Jennifer Roskies, Phyllis Chesler, Thyme Siegel, Gloria Greenfield, Nora Gold – “An Uncertain Sisterhood: Women and Antisemitism”


YIISA/IASA “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” Inaugural Conference Panel: “An Uncertain Sisterhood: Women and Antisemitism” Speakers: CHAIR: Jennifer Roskies, Bar-Ilan University/ISGAP Professor Phyllis Chesler, City University of New York: “The History and Psychological Roots of Antisemitism Among Feminists, Their Gradual Stalinization and Palestinianization” Thyme Siegel, Independent Research: “Sisterhood was Powerful and Global: Where Did […]