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International Human Rights Law Needs a Review


In 1998, a diverse group of South African professionals/public servants (myself included) spent a year studying International Human Rights Law at the Raoul Wallenberg institute at the University of Lund, in Sweden.  This was a partnership between the Centre for Human Rights and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute. The last part of the course was hosted […]

Taking Hate Seriously: The Scope and the Challenge of Hate Speech on the Internet


02 Mar., “Taking Hate Seriously: The Scope and the Challenge of Hate Speech on the Internet” Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor, University of Hull, United Kingdom Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 ISGAP’s 2020-2021 Research Fellow International Seminar Series.

Antisemitism at My Door? How I Talked About Hate Crimes with My Children


Antisemitism and hate crimes in general are on the rise in the United States. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 2019 witnessed more than 2,100 anti-Jewish acts, including assaults, vandalism, and harassment, marking an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. This is the highest level of antisemitic incidents since ADL began tracking them four decades […]