“As Rosh Hashanah approaches, we at ISGAP look back on a year of important accomplishments, while preparing to meet the challenges of the new year.

At this critical juncture, with antisemitism exploding across North America and Europe, we want to express our gratitude for your steadfast support throughout the past year. Your commitment is pivotal in driving our efforts to map, decode and fight antisemitism(s) and all forms of prejudice and hatred. Together, we have been engaged in this generational battle of ideas, especially in the crucial realms of higher education and policy.

As we stand on the eve of the new year, faced with the growing scourge of antisemitism, ISGAP reaffirms its unwavering dedication to understanding and combatting the challenges facing the Jewish people, the State of Israel and society at large, so that we can fight them together. We are determined to shed light on ignorance and intolerance, armed with knowledge and a steadfast commitment to positive change.

With appreciation and renewed determination, we extend our warmest wishes for a meaningful, peaceful, healthy, happy and empowering 5784.

Charles Asher Small
Founder and Executive Director
ISGAP | The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy”

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