ISGAP is amongst the 180 organisations who have signed the #adoptihra petition for Twitter to adopt the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.

In an interview for the Jerusalem Post, ISGAP Founder and Executive Director Dr. Charles Asher Small discusses the importance of the letter:

“The IHRA definition was one of the first definitions that included questions surrounding the demonization of Israel and blaming Jews for affiliation and association with Israel,” he says. “It is wonderful that more countries are adopting it. State and provincial governments, municipalities and universities are beginning to adopt it, as it touches on key elements of antisemitism.”

Antisemitism, adds Small, is an indicator of the state of society. “Antisemitism is an early warning system for the general health of society. We can see extreme Right, right-wing nationalists, white supremacists, the extreme Left, and political Islam and anti-democratic movements are attacking the democratic center. Even though these three social movements are very different, they use antisemitism as a key element of their ideology and political agenda.”

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