The Woolf Institute, Cambridge (UK) – ISGAP has signed an agreement to create a Fellowship Training Programme at the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, UK. ISGAP Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Charles Asher Small, is being appointed Director of the ISGAP Fellowship Training Programme in Contemporary Antisemitism Studies at the Woolf Institute. As part of the agreement, ISGAP Visiting Fellows will be based in one of the leading universities in the world to conduct research and produce policy recommendations to tackle antisemitism. At Cambridge, ISGAP will also convene an international conference entitled, Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity Revisited, as well as run a seminar series. Furthermore, ISGAP is strengthening its partnerships with other leading Universities to form potential collaborations.

These new breakthrough relationships will empower our work further and enhance the ability to make an impact with our research. ISGAP continues to establish itself as the leading research and policy institute examining issues of antisemitism at the best universities in the world.