Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director of ISGAP, spoke with Benjamin Weinthal in a Jerusalem Post feature critiquing the European Union and Germany’s refusal to fully ban the Lebanese Shi’ite movement Hezbollah, “most lethal antisemitic terrorist organization in the world.”
Dr. Small stated:
“This is not simply a foreign affairs matter – but is an urgent domestic issue of concern. Hezbollah incitement threatens the security and lives of EU citizens, and therefore is the responsibility of all sectors of government.  It is too urgent to be swept into the bureaucratic cracks of the EU, in which appointed leaders can claim to wash their hands.”  
He added, “Europe must demonstrate that it has truly advanced from the darkness of its bloodstained, hate filled,  past and protect the rights and dignity of all of its citizens with moral and ethical leadership, and condemn, outlaw and enforce legislation against antisemitic incitement.  How many more incidents and attacks will it take for the leadership to respond?”