Black Intellectuals Embrace Antisemitism: A Worrying Trend is Emerging
By Rafael Medoff, Ami Magazine
January 9, 2019 / / 3 Shvat 5779
Dr. Charles Asher Small of ISGAP was featured in this important article.
Charles Small on CNN commentator and Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, a leader in the “Ferguson to Palestine” project:
“Hill also has been actively spreading the antisemitic trope that American police officers are trained in Israel and come back to the United States intent on killing black men.”
Charles Small addressed The New York Times’ decision to publish Alice Walker’s endorsement of And the Truth Shall Set You Free , by David Icke:
“Walker and The New York Times are directly responsible for taking Icke from the fringe and moving him into the mainstream,” Dr. Small told Ami. “They have given him unprecedented publicity, guaranteeing that he will sell many more books and spread his antisemitic ideas much further than before.”