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In The News: Media reactions to the ISGAP Delegation to Rome

ISGAP in the News: Mission to Rome
Below you will find numerous media outlets reporting on the ISGAP Mission to Rome over the course of September 13-15, 2017.
Tony Blair discusses the BDS Movement and Western manifestations of antisemitism:
Click here to read the Tony Blair article in Italian.
ISGAP Delegation conducts a successful private meeting with Pope Francis.
Click here to read the article in Hebrew.
A recap of the address by Dr. Mustafa Rashed, President, World Union of Islamic Scholar’s for Peace.
Click here to read the article in Arabic.
Overview of panelist’s remarks at the joint ISGAP-Vatican Conference entitled: “Antisemitism and Minority Rights in the Middle East: 
Regional and International Implications”
Click here to read article in Italian.
Symposium at the Italian Parliament: 
“Antisemitism as a Strategic Threat to Europe”

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