Antisemitism was evident in New York City at the vandalized Israel Discount Bank on Fifth Avenue on Friday, July 25 .

  • “Gas the Jews” was heard during recent protests in Germanyreported by the Associated Press.
  • In Paris, nine synagogues were attacked and many stores burned in the weeks since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.
  • “They are not screaming, ‘death to the Israelis’ on the streets of Paris…they are screaming ‘death to the Jews’,” said Roger Cuikerman, French businessman, philanthropist and President of CRIF this week.
  • Rabbi Moshe Ohayon, the rabbi of the Jewish community in Morocco was brutally beaten in Casablanca on July 11 in retaliation for Israel’s airstrikes in Gaza.
  • The home of the chief rabbi of the Netherlands was attacked twice in one week.
  • On university campuses, the demonization of Israel puts Jewish students and faculty under greater pressure.

Around the world Jew hatred is becoming an acceptable expression of protest. 

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