Christian Antisemitism Then and Now: Toward a Redemptive Reconciliation

Featuring Dr. Dyanne K. Martin, Assistant Professor, Department of English and Education, Wheaton College, Wheaton, U.S.; and Aaron Fruh, President, Israel Team Advocates, Florida, U.S.

The course will introduce participants to the seventeen-hundred-year-old root system of Christian Antisemitism. We will examine the tenants of Replacement Theology (also known as Supersessionism) and how it led to Christian persecution of the Jews throughout the ages leading up to the Holocaust. We will show that the longest-lasting hatred of the Jews has been Christian Antisemitism. We will discuss the resurgence of Replacement Theology in the last twenty-five years and its implications for the future of Christianity. We will discuss the tenants of the new Christian Zionism and how a post- Supercessionist theology is challenging Christian Antisemitism within the academy and in church pulpits. This course will also provide instruction in the nuances of antisemitism found in the contemporary Christian academy. We will examine the intersections and signifiers of race, religion, and nationhood as we consider the steps necessary for a redirection of the Christian academy to its Jewish roots.


Session Two will examine the deep-rooted Replacement theology in the German theological academy that was prevalent years before the rise of Hitler and how this theology led to an eliminationist ideology within both Protestant and Catholic church leaders and laity.

Will be held on 20 January 2023 at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time

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