The Abraham Accords: Towards a New Middle East?

The First International Conference of the Shiloh Forum, Kohelet Forum and Israel Hayom

Date: October 21-22, 2020
Time: 17:00 Israel, 10:00 US EDT
The conference will be recorded in English, with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles.

Wednesday, October 21st

Opening Lecture: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

One on One: Boaz Bismuth, editor-in-chief of Israel Hayom, interviewing U.S.
Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

First Panel: The Boycott is Over: Israel in the Middle East after the Abraham Accords

Host: Eldad Beck, Journalist and author, Europe Correspondent of Israel Hayom

Mrs. Sukina Al Meshekhis, Saudi TV-moderator, columnist, a prominent voice on women’s rights in the Gulf region, and among the first Saudi voices to publicly call for recognition of Israel

Amjad Taha, Bahraini-British researcher and commentator, head of the Gulf office of the British Middle East Center for Studies and Research, a prominent defender of normalization between the Arab World and Israel

Prof. Eyal Zisser, Vice Rector of Tel Aviv University and holder of The Yona and Dina Ettinger Chair in Contemporary History of the Middle East.

Boaz Bismuth, Editor-in-Chief of Israel Hayom and former Israeli
Ambassador to Mauritania

Dr. Najat al-Saeed, Saudi Academic Researcher

Thursday, October 22nd

One on One: Prof. Moshe Koppel, Chairman of Kohelet Policy Forum, interviewing
Assistant to the President of the United States and Special Representative for
International Negotiations, Avi Berkowitz

Second Panel: President Trump’s Middle East Vision – the Secret of his Success and its Implications for the Countries of the Region.

Host: Caroline Glick, Senior Columnist, Israel Hayom

Dr. Edy Cohen, Israel. Researcher, Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies; Research Fellow, ISGAP

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, Director of Int’l Law, Kohelet Policy Forum and
Professor at George Mason University Scalia Law School.

Dr. Ramy Aziz, Egypt. Research Fellow of Middle East and Arab Affairs, The
Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP).

Abdulla Aljenaid, Bahrain. Non-resident Fellow/TRENDS Research and Advisory
(UAE) and Columnist in Al-Ittihad Newspaper (UAE) and Sky News Arabia (UAE).

Lecture: Dr. Yechiel Leiter, Shiloh Policy Forum – Towards Regional Economic
Cooperation: An Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Free Trade Zone in the Jordan Valley

Third Panel: Economic peace as the engine that connects Israel and the Gulf states and changes the status quo in Judea and Samaria

Host: Asher Fredman, Fellow, Kohelet Policy Forum; Founding Member, UAE-Israel
Business Council

Jonathan Medved, CEO of OurCrowd

Dr. Shimon Farhang, Israel. Chairman, The Institute for Developing Cross-Border
Infrastructure Corridors; CEO, Landuse Co. Traffic Planning and Highways, Israel

Ahmed Bin Mohamed Zakaria, Managing Director of Al Zakaria Trading, UAE.

Dr. David Wurmser, Founder, Delphi Global Analysis Group; senior fellow at the
Center for Security Policy in Washington DC; senior fellow at the Kohelet Policy
Forum; former senior advisor to the U.S. Vice President on the Middle East; and
senior advisor to Under Secretary of State, John Bolton.