Unconquered Souls

Film screening in commemoration of Kristallnach
Convener: Barbara Wind, Director of the Holocaust Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey;

Location: ISGAP Center, 165 E. 56th Street, New York, NY 10022
RSVP is required. Please call 212-230-1840 or email [email protected]

Unconquered Souls has it all. It’s the story of Anitta Boyko Fox and her family who fled Vienna after Hitler’s rise to power and Kristallnacht. It’s about survival, migration, resilience in the face of trauma and displacement, entrepreneurship, Zionism, the use of cutting edge science and technologies to assure the establishment of an emerging nation at existential risk, art, romance, and dogs.

Ms. Anitta Boyko Fox will be in attendance.