Volume V: Reflections comprises various “reflections” that were presented at the conference by a number of well-respected observers, academics, and practitioners. They provide insightful observations and important analysis but are not presented in the form of classic academic papers.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Charles Asher Small;
  • How Do We Put an End to Antisemitism? No, Really, How Do We?, Ruth R. Wisse;
  • Arab and Islamic Antisemitism, Menahem Milson;
  • The History and Psychological Roots of Antisemitism Among Feminists and Their Gradual Stalinization and Palestinianization, Phyllis Chesler;
  • The Rabbi and the President: “Don’t Give Us the Holocaust at the Expense of Israel”, Walter Reich;
  • Without Ahavath Yisrael: Thoughts on Radical Anti-Zionism at Brandeis, Doron Ben-Atar;
  • Between Opposition and Denial: Radical Responses to Antisemitism in Contemporary Europe, Robert Fine;
  • The Iranian President, the Canadian Professor, the Literary Journal, and the Holocaust Denial Conference That Never Was: The Strange Reality of Shiraz Dossa, Deborah E. Lipstadt;
  • Making History: Engaging, Educating, and Empowering Faculty to Address Issues of Antisemitism in the Academy, Edward S. Beck;
  • Struggles over the Boundaries of Legitimate Discourse: Antizionism, Bad-Faith Allegations and The Livingstone Formulation, David Hirsh;
  • The Language of the New Antisemitism, Michael C. Kotzin;
  • The EU, the Middle East, and Antisemitism, Leslie S. Lebl;
  • The Unique Nature of Palestinian Antisemitism: A Foundation of Palestinian National Identity, Itamar Marcus;
  • Some Philosophical Reflections on Antisemitism Today, Alan S. Rosenbaum;
  • Modern Antisemitism and National Identity, Ilka Schroeder;
  • Sisterhood Was Powerful and Global: Where Did It Go?, Thyme S. Siegel;
  • Progress in Combating Antisemitism at the International Level, Michael Whine;
  • The Effect of the Resurgence of Antisemitism on Holocaust Survivors, Barbara Wind