Volume III: Global Antisemitism: Past and Present examines the manifestations and impacts of antisemitism in various regional contexts. Some of the papers focus on historical cases, while others focus on recent or contemporary matters.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Charles Asher Small;
  • Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in the “New” South Africa: Observations and Reflections, Milton Shain;
  • The Politics of Paranoia: How—and Why—the European Radical Right Mobilizes Antisemitism, Xenophobia, and Counter-Cosmopolitanism, Lars Rensmann;
  • Penalizing Holocaust Denial: A View from Europe, Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias;
  • The Judeo-Masonic Enemy in Francoist Propaganda (1936-1945), Javier Domínguez Arribas;
  • “Artisans … for Antichrist”: Jews, Radical Catholic Traditionalists, and the Extreme Right, Mark Weitzman;
  • Post-war Antisemitism: Germany’s Foreign Policy Toward Egypt, Ulricke Becker;
  • Great Expectations: Antisemitism and the Politics of Free-Speech Jurisprudence, Stephen M. Feldman;
  • A Brief History of Iberian Antisemitism, Lina Gorenstein;
  • Antisemitism in Contemporary Poland, Marek Kucia;
  • Anti-Jewish “Propaganda” in Brazil under Dutch Occupation, Daniela Levy;
  • Antisemitism According to Victor Klemperer, Miriam Oelsner;
  • Antisemitic Anti-Zionism Within the German Left—Die Linke, Sebastian Voigt;
  • Two Thousand Years of Antisemitism: From the Canonical Laws to the Present Day, Anita Waingort Novinsky