Volume II: The Intellectual Environment deals with matters of antisemitism and the intellectual environment. The papers in this volume focus on the treatment of Israel in the media and the study of antisemitism in the academy.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Charles Asher Small;
  • Fighting Antisemitism in the Feminist Community, Nora Gold;
  • Campus Antisemitic Speech and the First Amendment, Alexander Tsesis;
  • Marginalization and Its Discontents: American Jews in Multicultural and Identity Studies, Jennifer Roskies;
  • NGOs and the New Antisemitism, Anne Herzberg;
  • The Image of Israel and Israelis in the French, British, and Italian Press During the 1982 Lebanon War, Marianna Scherini;
  • Durban Reviewed: The Transformation of Antisemitism in a Cosmopolitanizing Environment, Elisabeth Kuebler and Matthias Falter