Volume I: Conceptual Approaches includes papers that approach antisemitism from a wide range of conceptual perspectives and scholarly disciplines.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Charles Asher Small;
  • “New Europe,” Holocaust Memory, and Antisemitism, David M. Seymour;
  • Antisemitism and Anti-Capitalism in the Current Economic Crisis, Nicolas Bechter;
  • Equations in Contemporary Anti-Zionism: A Conceptual Analysis, Shalem Coulibaly;
  • Antisemitic Metaphors and Latent Communication, Bjoern Milbradt;
  • Economic and Behavioral Foundations of Prejudice, Arye L. Hillman;
  • Antisemitism and the Victimary Era, Adam Katz;
  • The Antisemitic Imagination, Catherine Chatterley;
  • The Communication Latency of Antisemitic Attitudes: An Experimental Study, Heiko Beyer and Ivar Krumpal;
  • The Definition of Antisemitism, Kenneth L. Marcus;
  • Embracing the Nation: Jewish Assimilationist and Anti-Zionist Responses to Modernity, C.R. Power and Sharon Power;
  • Nationalism and Antisemitism in the Postnational Constellation: Thoughts on Horkheimer, Adorno, and Habermas, Karin Stoegner and Johannes Hoepoltseder;
  • Modern Capitalist Society, Competing Nation States, Antisemitism and Hatred of the Jewish State, Robin Stoller