Following PROTOCOL… or NOT?! is a straight-forward and concise “primer” on contemporary antisemitism. Given the ever-increasing complexity of contemporary antisemitism and the rapid escalation of related world events, this quick and easy read explains what people need to know about contemporary antisemitism today: where it comes from, how it manifests, and why it ought to matter to everyone. In plain language, it bridges the widespread gap in historical knowledge and everyday understanding that contributes to the continued ignorance that allows contemporary antisemitism to grow.

The narrative unfolds from profound discussions ignited by two friends endeavoring to reconcile thought and action within their respective—and our shared—worlds. The overarching goal was to deepen our understanding of and actively combat the growing scourge of contemporary antisemitism. The project gained substantial form and substance through the invaluable contributions of numerous scholars associated with ISGAP. Their expertise, experience, and passionate commitment have played a pivotal role in shaping and developing this endeavor, making a positive impact in the present moment. Furthermore, we acknowledge the insights garnered from AI bots such as ChatGPT and Perplexity, underscoring the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of this project.