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Milton Shain, Shalem Coulibaly, Samuel Eppel, Alberto Nisman – “Global Antisemitism”


YIISA/IASA “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” Conference “Global Antisemitism” Plenary Session Speakers: Professor Milton Shain, University of Cape Town: “Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in the ‘New South Africa’” Professor Shalem Coulibaly, University of Ouagadougou: “Africa and Antisemitism: Myth or Reality? From Indifference to Antisemitic Temptation?” Samuel Eppel, Director, Human Rights Commission, B’nei Brith Venezuela: “Chavez’s […]

Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, David Patterson, Samuel Feldberg – The Iranian Threat


YIISA/IASA “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” Conference Panel: “The Iranian Threat” Speakers: Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, European Foundation for Democracy: “The Terrorist Group Fedayine Islam and Its Relevance for the Islamists and Antisemitism in Iran” Professor David Patterson, University of Texas, Dallas: “Hitler, Hamas and Jihadist Jew Hatred” Dr. Samuel Feldberg, University of Sao Paulo: […]

Abraham Wagner, Abraham Cooper & Mark Dubowitz – “The Internet and the Proliferation of Antisemitism”


YIISA/IASA Inaugural “Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity” Conference Panel: “The Internet and the Proliferation of Antisemitism” Speakers: Professor Abraham Wagner, Columbia University – “Antisemitism in the Internet Era” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Center – “Digital Antisemitism” Mark Dubowitz, Foundation for Defense of Democracies – “Terrorist Media as an Operational Weapon Used by Hezbollah, […]

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury – “Hate Speech and Political Islam”


Title: “Hate Speech and Political Islam: Root Cause of Religious Extremism, Terrorism and Jihad” Speaker: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, Journalist; Editor and Publisher, Weekly Blitz Newspaper, Bangladesh Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009 YIISA/ISGAP Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective Seminar Series

Understanding the Challenge of Iran – Panel 4


Understanding the Challenge of Iran Conference – Panel 4 Date April 30, 2008 International Law – Terror and Incitement Video Professor Gregory Gordon, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of North Dakota – “From Incitement to Indictment? Prosecuting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Advocating Israel’s Destruction” Professor David Menashri, Director of The Center for Iranian Studies […]