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Dr. Charles Asher Small Speaks Out Against Polish Kosher Meat Bill


Dr. Charles Asher Small spoke with Eliana Rudee of Breaking Israel News about the controversial bill in Poland on kosher meat. He highlighted the antisemitic discourse around the issue, and the need for deeper historical perspective on the issue in Poland, “We need to start to look at Polish society not in a prescriptive manner […]

Brigitte Sion – “The Jew as a Bloodthirsty Butcher: Laws Banning Ritual Slaughter (Shechita)”


Lecture: The Jew as a Bloodthirsty Butcher Laws Banning Ritual Slaughter (Shechita) Speaker: Professor Brigitte Sion, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, Program in Religious Studies and Department of Journalism, NYU Date: December 4, 2008 YIISA/ISGAP Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective Seminar Series