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Dr. Small delivers Keynote Address at UN Geneva Conference hosted by the Muslim World League


Dr. Charles Asher Small gave a keynote address at the historic UN Geneva Conference, hosted by the Muslim World League’s Initiative for Protecting the Youth from Extremist and Violent Ideologies. Charles spoke on “Confronting Antisemitism as the Key to Eradicating Violent Extremism”. Assessing how antisemitism – a European phenomenon – was imported and fused with […]

Muslim World League International Conference: Confronting Antisemitism as the Key to Eradicating Violent Extremism


18 Feb., “Confronting Antisemitism as the Key to Eradicating Violent Extremism” Dr. Charles Asher Small, Executive Director, ISGAP; Research Scholar, St. Antony’s College, Oxford International Conference on Initiatives for Protecting the Youth from Extremist and Violent Ideologies: Implementation Measures The Muslim World League, United Nations, Geneva United Nation Office, Geneva, Room No. – XVII Date: Tuesday, […]

Haras Rafiq, Oxford 2019 – “Antisemitism – The Fuel of the Triple Threat”


Haras Rafiq, CEO, Quilliam (Foundation), London, UK “Antisemitism – The Fuel of the Triple Threat” ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute 2019 St. John’s College Oxford University July 11, 2019

The Issue of Islamist Antisemitism – Oxford 2019


The Issue of Islamist Antisemitism – Oxford 2019 Professor David Patterson, Hillel Feinberg Chair in Holocaust Studies, Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas Professor Dr. Bassam Tibi, Professor Emeritus for International Relations, University of Goettingen Joseph Braude, Advisor, Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center, Strategic Advisor, America Abroad Media, Senior Fellow, Foreign […]

Islamist Terrorism and Antisemitism


Combating Islamist ideology and understanding the Islamism-Antisemitism nexus will be key in the battle against terrorism and antisemitism A review of terrorist acts over the last 15 years shows a sharp rise of Islamist terrorism–[1] that is, terrorist acts justified by an Islamist-Jihadist ideology, the perpetrators’ interpretation of “true” Islam. Most indications suggest that Jihadist […]

Israel and Europe After Brussels: What Insights Can We Share?


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Israel, which unfortunately has had a great deal of experience with terrorist violence, has much to offer Europe in its own confrontation with Islamist terror. Once Europe has internalized the reality that it is fighting a war, Israel can advise it regarding strategies like effective intelligence collection, disruption of enemy money supply, and […]

Iranian Elections: The Radicals Strike Back


Tomorrow the Iranian people will simultaneously elect a new Parliament (Majlis) and Council of Experts—assigned to monitor the functioning of the Supreme Leader and to choose a new Supreme Leader when the position becomes vacant. The timing, following the nuclear deal, amidst domestic rifts and growing domestic and external challenges make the elections of unique […]

Mimesis, Antisemitism, Terror


How can we explain the virulence and brutality—the gratuitous barbarity—of Islamist mass-murder terrorism? More than ideology, more than neurosis, we should consider mimesis, rivalry and mimetic contagion. Some ten days before the attacks in Paris last November, the immortel René Girard died, bringing to an end a long and uniquely productive intellectual career. For decades, […]

Haras Rafiq – “Pathways to Extremism and Radicalisation”


Title: “Pathways to Extremism and Radicalisation” Speaker: Haras Rafiq, Founding Director of CENTRI (Counter Extremism Consultancy, Training, Research and Interventions) Introductory Remarks by Convener Dr. Richard Stone, Professor of Law, Columbia University Law School Date: November 6, 2013 Location: Jerome Greene Hall 101, Columbia University Law School, as part of the ISGAP Seminar Series, “Antisemitism […]

Haras Rafiq – “Pathways to Islamist Radicalization”


Lecture: Pathways to Islamist Radicalization Speaker: Haras Rafiq, Director of CENTRI (Counter Extremism Consultancy, Training, Research and Interventions) Location: Fordham University Date: November 8, 2012