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Terrorism Denial on Campus


The issue of terrorism and its impact on students on university and college campuses is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. While campuses are meant to be hubs of intellectual discourse and diversity, they can also become breeding grounds for radicalization or platforms for the expression of extremist ideologies. This is particularly evident in American campuses […]

The “Merah Affair”: The “Sea Change” in Islamism’s Terror Footprint to Holy Jihad in France


On December 16, 2020, a panel of French judges found all 14 defendants guilty of involvement in the 2015 attacks on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris.  As reported by James McAuley of the Washington Post, the long-awaited verdict followed a three-month trial that captivated the French public even […]