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The course is based on the expertise that ISGAP has amassed over 18 years of high-level scholarship and academic programming at top tier universities around the world. The online course draws upon the ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute, which hosts the best scholars and experts from the interdisciplinary study of contemporary antisemitism.

The course is designed to elevate students’ awareness of one of the world’s most urgent issues: global antisemitism. It examines contemporary antisemitism in all its manifestations, which are not widely acknowledged, understood, or combated in society or academia. A compelling feature of the course is its illustration of how antisemitism is tolerated and even promoted, not only in Jihadist mosques and white supremacist enclaves, but also in liberal democratic spaces, from lecture halls to church pulpits, from scholarly journals to news media.

In their penetrating lectures, our scholars will redress a lack of significant literature across the disciplines in college and university campuses today.  Until now the course offered in institutions of higher learning either do not assess the origins and defining features of antisemitism or address it only as a subset of “hatred in general”. The most compelling feature of this course is that while antisemitism exists, contemporary manifestations are not understood or combated within the contemporary and interdisciplinary context.

Course Listing

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    • Module 1: Developing Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies, Dr. Charles Asher Small, ISGAP Executive Director, St. Antony’s College, Oxford
    • Module 2: Measuring Antisemitism, Professor Emeritus Barry Kosmin, Trinity College, Hartford
    • Module 3: Radical Antizionism, Dr. Joël Kotek, Free University of Brussels (ULB), Brussels, and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Paris
    • Module 4: Old and New Antisemitism in Islam: Agents of Change in Action, Dr. Dina Lisnyansky, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
    • Module 5: The Changing Nature of Middle East Geopolitics and Relations with the West, Professor Uzi Rabi, Tel Aviv University
    • Module 6: Fighting Antisemitism with the Tools of Law, Dr. Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
    • Module 7: Contemporary Left Antisemitism, Dr. David Hirsh, Goldsmiths, University of London
    • Module 8: The Israelization of Antisemitism, Professor Yossi Shain, Tel Aviv University
    • Module 9: Disguised Antisemitism: Antisemitic Israel–Bashing as a Critique of Zionism, Dr. Charles Asher Small, ISGAP Executive Director, St. Antony’s College, Oxford
    • Module 10: The Reach of the Muslim Brotherhood, Professor David Patterson, University of Dallas at Texas
    • Module 11: Antisemitism Here and Now, Professor Emeritus Deborah Lipstadt, Emory University, Atlanta
    • Bonus Video: A New Look at the 1948 War, Professor Benny Morris, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva
    • Bonus Video: 3Ds and the IHRA Definition, Tools to Combatting Antisemitism; Natan Sharansky, ISGAP Chair, Jerusalem
    • Bonus Video: Keynote Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Hoover Institution, Stanford
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