Globalization and Antisemitism(s): Understanding the Contemporary Attack on Jewish Notions of Peoplehood and Democratic Principles

An ISGAP Online Course • Coming Soon

This course will assess, map and decode the reemergence of global antisemitism(s); which will include extreme right-wing nationalist and racist antisemitism, extreme left antisemitism which targets Israel and notions of Jewish peoplehood, and radical Islamist antisemitism.

The course will take an interdisciplinary approach, examining economic, social, political, and cultural processes in the age of neo-liberal globalization.  The course will not simply be descriptive as is much of the current scholarship on contemporary antisemitism.

This course will draw from the leading scholars, experts and policymakers, from around the world, and who also teach at the Annual ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute on Critical Antisemitism Studies and Curriculum Development, which takes place at St. John’s College, Oxford University.

Course Listing
  • Module 1: "The Changing Nature of Middle East Geopolitics and relations with the West"
  • Module 2: "Old and New Antisemitism in Islam: Agents of Change in Action"
  • Module 3: "Radical Antizionism"
  • Module 4: "Contemporary Left Antisemitism"
  • Module 5: "Measuring Antisemitism"
  • Module 6: "Fighting Antisemitism with the Tools of Law"
  • Module 7: "The Israelization of Antisemitism"
  • Module 8: "Disguised Antisemitism: Antisemitic Israel–Bashing as a Critique of Zionism"
  • Bonus Video: "The Reach of the Muslim Brotherhood"
  • Bonus Video: "Developing Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies"
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